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Hockeyoefeningen voor Veld en Zaal

Hockeyoefeningen voor Veld en Zaal is the new book from Marc van Geest.

The book contains more than 190 useful and fun excercises and matchforms. The book is divided in two sections: one for indoorhockey and one for fieldhockey.
In five and seven categories in five different difficulties Hockeyoefningen voor Veld en Zaal provides basic training exercises for starting players and teams, as well as more complex, tactic exercises useful for high experienced teams. Hockeyoefeningen voor Veld en Zaal designed beautifully and in fullcolour.
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Hockeyoefeningen by Marc van Geest is thé book filled with exercises for enthusiastic trainers. Inspiration for attacking drills, matchforms, defensive drills, etc.

The text and exercises are made by certified trainer Marc van Geest, whose experience in training and coaching brought him several national championship titles with the youth. The book is designed by Sander van Geest, who designed a wide variety of books over the years. This collaboration is the perfect combination of form and function.

The book contains over 120 fun, educative and challenging exercises and matchforms that you can use on the go or will inspire you to invent your own exercises.

At the moment we're working very hard finalizing the book. If everything goes according to plan, the book wil be out in March 2013. Off course you can pre-order a copy here . You'll receive a copy as soon as the first edition is printed.

U can also order both books as duo-pack.


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Do you want a peek at Hockeyoefeningen voor Veld en Zaal? Click here.


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